11 May 2014

Deep-Fried Elder Berry

Elder Berry Flowers - Holunder

I love visiting the Farmers' Market at Konstablewache in Frankfurt on Saturdays. The market is ever so vibrant. It is little wonder that it attracts the locals and tourists alike. 

At the market, you'll be treated to many fresh produce such as vegetables, meat, poultry, cheese, fish and so on. It also prides itself in selling traditional German food such as wursts (sausages), Schnitzels and breads. I was really excited when i found a stall selling deep-fried holunder flowers. I love elder berry for its natural sweetness. It is often used to make jam, juice and even champagne!

My glass of fresh elder berry juice. It is so much better than the cartons of juice you  find in supermarkets!

My highlight on Saturday was deep-fried elder berry flowers. Yes, deep-fried flowers! I've not had anything like that before but I love holunder so much that I had to savour it!


The man grouped the flowers in a bunch and the lady was responsible for frying the flowers. She's so skilled! All the holunder were fried to perfection. The once soft petals were then covered in crispy, golden-brown batter. 

Deep-fried to perfection! Crispy and golden-brown!
If you're in Frankfurt on a Thursday or Saturday, you'll have to visit this market at Konstablewache. You will LOVE it!