1 May 2014


A few weeks back we had an okonomiyaki party at a friend’s place. It was so much fun and I realised how easy it was to make this Japanese pizza-like dish. When I got home, I searched online for a good recipe as my friend didn’t measure any of her ingredients (what an expert!).
Today I’ll share with you a basic and easy okonomiyaki recipe that allows you to be versatile in whatever ingredients you might want to use. I love Marc’s recipe because he teaches you the basics which then gives you room to improvise. It’s pretty much what I think cooking is about – it isn’t set in stone.


In my version, these are the ingredients I used in addition to the basic recipe based on 4 serving portions.

125g bacon bits
60g Parmesan cheese
60g mozzarella
1 medium-sized tin of tuna 

Step 1: Mix all the dry ingredients together.


Step 2: Add the eggs and dashi (stock).


Step 3: Add bacon bits and tin of tuna.


Step 4: Mix the ingredients well and ensure that they are well coated with the basic batter.


Step 5: Scoop a ladle of the mixture into a frying pan with oil which is heated to medium-high heat. Cook covered with a lid for 7 minutes. The bottom should be brown and then repeat the same for the other side.


Step 6: Serve on a plate. Garnish it with mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce, aonori (or just use regular seaweed – aonori is soooooo expensive in Frankfurt!), katsuobushi and red Japanese ginger (I omitted it as the Asian supermarket I visited didn’t have any in stock). 

Don’t be put off by the steps involved. It’s a really easy recipe to follow. Just dump all the ingredients in a huge bowl and pan-fry it, how tough can that get, right?