13 March 2014

Chicken, Leek & Potato Soup

I’ve been trying to fight off a bothersome cold since last Thursday without any medication. Although my midwife said I could take one paracetamol pill to ease off the symptoms, I’ve been rather reluctant to do so. Instead, I’ve been drinking lots of water and honey. I don’t even remember the last time I was ill. Probably a few years back? Daniel was beginning to think that I could never ever fall sick because even when he did, I was never affected. I suppose it’s true that the pregnant body automatically shields the baby from all “harm” and poor mummy takes all the crap! I’d rather it be this way, honestly.

Thankfully I haven’t lost any appetite, however I’m never quite close to saying I’m hungry either now that I’m sick. Therefore I need to remind myself to eat or else I could very well just be drinking honey water all day. Despite the warm sunshine outside, I made us a typical wintry soup – chicken, leek and potato. The original recipe called for bacon but I thought pan-fried chicken was the healthier option. I also added an extra potato to create a thicker texture to the soup.

I really like leeks so the flavour was great for me without having to add too much vegetable stock. Also, as the texture was rather rich, it served well as a meal by itself with a bread roll or two. It is definitely one of our favourite homemade soups! I’ll have to cook up a batch of it and freeze it before Theodore arrives!