21 March 2014

Vegetable Tempura

One of the set dishes I always order at a Japanese restaurant is Vegetable Tempura. I love the crispy batter and how it soaks up the tasty tempura sauce. As I’m currently in the phase of experimenting and learning how to cook Japanese cuisine, I made Vegetable Tempura for dinner.


I like cooking to be fuss-free. Ideally, I should be able to get all the ingredients from the 4 different German supermarkets within walking distance from my apartment on a weekday. When I decided to make tempura, I wasn’t sure if I could get tempura flour. Therefore I was thrilled to learn from Just One Cookbook that I could make my own batter at home! So convenient and definitely cheaper too!

I didn’t exactly use the same vegetables as Nami-san’s recipe but I’m glad they still turned out well. As we only get asparagus in Spring in Germany, I was quick to get a bundle the moment I saw them. I also used sweet potatoes and an eggplant (aubergine). It turned out to be a feast for Daniel and I.

The tempura was crispy and so much less oily than what you would get in restaurants. I never reuse frying oil because I simply can’t bear the thought to, so I would like to think that deep-frying at home is cleaner than the ones you get outside.

Nami-san also provided the recipe for tempura sauce on her blog. Seriously, does she need to buy any bottled sauces? She seems to know how to make everything from scratch and make it look so easy!

As it was a slightly warm Spring Day, I served the lovely tempura with Zaru Soba. Ahhhh… Refreshing it was! Unfortunately I didn’t have all the ingredients to make the dipping sauce for the soba so I took the easy way out and used bottled Mentsuyu.

If you’re a vegetable tempura lover, do try the recipe out at home. You’ll love it!

Any packet of soba will give you cooking instructions but I found the detailed instructions on Just One Cookbook really good to ensure I get the texture right.

Here are the links to the recipes.
Vegetable Tempura & sauce recipe
Zaru Soba recipe
I hope you’ll enjoy the vegetable tempura and Zaru soba as much as I did!