15 April 2014

Easter Nests

With Easter just round the corner, have you thought of what treats you’ll be making?

I wanted to make some easy no-bake chocolate treats for Dan’s colleagues since bending over to reach the oven has now become quite a challenge for me. So, Easter Nests is it for them!


150g Shreddies cereal (mashed)
200g chocolate, melted
1 pack of mini eggs (I used 48 mini eggs in total)

1. Use your hands or a blender to mash the Shreddies in a large mixing bowl.
2. Melt the chocolate (you can use a microwave or a saucepan)
3. Pour the chocolate into the mashed Shreddies and use a spatula to mix well. Ensure that the Shreddies are well coated in chocolate.
4. Depending in the size of your cupcake moulds, use either a teaspoon or tablespoon to fill each mould with the chocolate coated Shreddies. I used a mini-cupcake mould.
5. Place two to three mini eggs into each cupcake holder. Make sure you push them downwards slightly into the Shreddies.
6. Refrigerate for 2 hours to allow them to set.

I hope you’ll have fun this Easter! We’re so looking forward to the long weekend!